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January 28, 2009

Culinary Careers in the USA

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Thinking of going to culinary school but not sure what to do after you complete your degree? When you complete a degree in culinary arts many doors will open for you. Below is a list and description of careers open to graduates of culinary schools. (Taken from:

“Culinary Careers & Culinary Job Profiles

There are several types of culinary careers that direct food preparation and plan cooking activities in commercial kitchens and restaurants. Chefs are typically employed in restaurants, hotels, bakeries, food commissaries, catering companies, cruise ships, healthcare institutions, vacation resorts and similar establishments.

Cooks prepare a wide variety of foods and desserts. They are employed in the same establishments listed above, but often are working under the guidance of a head chef, or executive chef. These cooks are often referred to as “apprentice cooks” or “apprentice chefs.”

Primary Responsibilities

Executive chefs plan and direct food preparation, and they also coordinate preparation activities for multiple restaurants within an establishment. They plan menus, ensure food meets quality and health standards, estimate food requirements, and estimate food and personnel costs. They also supervise activities of apprentices, sous-chefs, specialist chefs, chefs and cooks. They also recruit and hire kitchen staff.

Sous-chefs oversee the activities of specialist chefs, chefs, cooks and other kitchen workers. They demonstrate new cooking techniques and equipment to the kitchen staff in addition to menu planning, food purchases and preparation.

Chefs and specialist chefs prepare and cook complete meals, banquets or specialty foods, such as soups, salads, sauces, pastries, vegetables, meat, poultry and seafood dishes. Chefs instruct cooks in preparation, cooking, garnishing, and presentation of food. They also do menu planning and buying of food and kitchen supplies.

Cooks prepare and cook complete meals or individual dishes. In some cases, they supervise kitchen helpers that assist in preparation, cooking, and handling of food. They may also plan menus, determine food requirements, costs, etc.

Typical kitchen staff titles include:
apprentice cook
apprentice chef
chef de cuisine
chef de partie
corporate chef
dietary cook executive sous-chef
first cook
fry cook
garde manger
grill cook
head chef
hospital cook
line cook pastry chef
second cook
short-order cook
specialist chef”

If you are looking for a diversified and well-versed school, check out the Culinary School in Houston, Texas ( The Culinary Institute offers degrees and diplomas in: Culinary Arts, Pastry and Baking and Cuisine.


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