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January 21, 2009

Positive Remarks Made by Cooking School Students on Behalf of Cooking School in Texas

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Many students have attended the Culinary Institute, in Houston, Texas ( Going through chef training at the school, students come out with wonderful things to say. Here are a few thoughts from the students that have attended the cooking school in Texas: “I was looking for a long time for the best school, which one is the best school, which one has the best professors and that was here at the Culinary Institute. So I came from Argentina to study specifically classic French Cuisine…”
(Marcos Juarez, Argentina)

“After 25 years in my chosen profession I now realize what I want to do in my life. At 45, to think about starting over in career paths is a direct result of the positive support I have received at the Culinary Institute…”
(David W. Smith, New York)

Being in Level II is a very monumental experience for me. Chef Daniel has to be one of the most educated chefs in the world.
(Corey Thompson, Houston)

I have gained an understanding of pastry and cuisine and what it takes to work in this industry, experience in the kitchen, experience with cooking techniques, exposure to wonderful chef with world-wide experience, opportunities to continue in the field given wonderful placement staff, and staff / chefs to assist with internships. The list could go on.
(Laurie Robinson, Houston)

I would like to thank you for everything that you have done for me. Your culinary institute has helped me discover my passion in life. The education and talent I have gained during my time at the school will help me throughout my entire career. You also have my most heartfelt thanks for the letter of recommendation you wrote for me. I only hope I can make you and the school proud of my accomplishments in the future. This is just a token of my thanks.
(David Prebish, Houston)

“I learned a lot from the Instructors here from techniques to recipes, to being able to know what spice or herb will complement each dish…”
(Mason Greenhalgh, Louisiana)

Dear Family & Friends,

Just a note to let you know I’ve made important rung on the ladder of my quest to be a professional chef, a journey that so many of you have encouraged and supported.

I have been hired to join the crew at Kalamata’s, the fine dining restaurant inside the Worthington Renaissance Hotel in downtown Fort Worth. Renaissance is a Marriott brand, so I’m also joining the Marriott organization, which I believe is a good thing.

This is a major step. Following eight months of school in Houston with Culinary Institute Alain and Marie LeNotre (graduated 1st in my class, hooray!) and internship of 3-1/2 months at Auberge du Cheval Blanc (a Michelin 2-star destination restaurant in northern Alsace, France), I am starting the career I have always dreamed of in a very good place.

All indications are I will train and work in all aspects of the Worthington’s several kitchens including the very fine complete baking and pastry shop, buffets, etc. This appears to be exactly the position I need to further my professional training and skills as I progress to my goal of executive chef.

Many thanks to all of you who encouraged and supported me along the way. It’s impossible to measure or say how much every kind word, every message and action of support have meant to me. Suffice it to say that no one succeeds on a life changing journey like this by himself. You all helped and I am forever grateful.

Come see us at Kalamata’s.

(Henry Stewart, Fort Worth, Texas)

“I really enjoy how the Chef explains the recipes and asks for our input. It’s nice to be encouraged to create. I also enjoy being allowed to cook our own recipes …”
(Christie Hunt , Houston)

“I have learned the basics and also more advanced techniques and wonderful recipes. Our Chef has set an incredible example and the highest standards for us. Thank you…”
(Donna Ash, Oxford, Missouri)

“I have been in the food industry for 12 years, I have already learned more in the last 14 weeks than I did in the previous 12 years. Because of this school I’m very confident about my plate presentation and sauce making. It has been a great learning experience and a great time…”
(Mike McKenney, Michigan)

“I have gained discipline, leadership and respect for all the Chefs and enjoy more now about cooking than I ever did…”
(Troy Matthew Shaw, Corpus Christi)

“I have gained a solid foundation of culinary techniques and skills on which to build with experience gained in a professional kitchen…”
(Katina Metzidakis, Greece)

“Chef Daniel is great! And Chef Rodolphe never seems to mind if we ask for his instruction even if he not teaching our class. Chef Daniel is full of great tips and chef secrets that he shares…”
(Marie Kay Clanton, Houston)

“I thoroughly appreciate how Chef is able to create such an open learning atmosphere. If one has an inquiry, he will answer his question without complaint. He will also allow the students to express themselves in their dishes because that is what truly makes the culinary creations such a fine art, that each individual has their own unique style…”
(Brandon Seegmiller, Sugarland)

“It has been an honor to attend LeNotre Culinary Institute, I feel that I’ve learned so much during the course of 10 weeks. Our Chef instructors are by all means the best there are and I would encourage anyone to come to this school…”
(Juan Molina, Galveston)

“The instructors are in fact top notch. Being able to attend a school with professional French Chefs that are more than willing to help you in any cases is very reassuring, where as if you attend a bigger school that requires more than 10 students to be in the class at once you are not going to get the help and understanding to achieve your goals in your Culinary journey…”
(Christopher Lang, Houston)

“I really like the small, hands on class. I really appreciate “Chef” always giving 100% to the class and highly recommended to everyone who is interested in Pastry.” “I have learned love and passion for Pastry…”
(Masayo Branscum, Okinawa, Japan)

“French cuisine is extremely rich in flavor and it has opened my eyes to richness in those areas. Also I have learned about techniques that I must use every time…”
(Aniesto Garcia, Lubbock)

“My dream come true, thank you”
(Susan Balourdet, Houston)

“It has been a great experience to what I have learned and to the experience I’ve had , the skills and techniques are a key to the future”
(Ester Cruz, Houston)

First, I would like you to know that I am enjoying the school a lot. I learned a lot of cooking techniques and proper ways of cooking meat, poultry, and vegetables…
(Maria L Adolfsson, Philippines)

Dear Mr. LeNôtre,

I just wanted to thank you again, for your continuous generous spirit toward me. Every time I have needed the school, you have been there for me. I just want you to know that your kindness overwhelms me. I thank you for constantly being an influence in my life, because you have shown me the true face of generosity.

Warmest regards,

(Pastry Chef Tiffani Johnson, Houston, TX)

“I received love and respect for this profession, a desire to always learn more, to pursue excellence…”“What I have learned here will remain with me forever, the character of the school, the high standards demanded of the teacher, the love and respect everyone here has for this profession; this means so much…”
(Amanda Langford, College Station)

“I have learned a deeper understanding of pastry and am learning and perfecting the techniques taught in order to become a Pastry Chef. I can tell that as the weeks go on my skills and knowledge are improving…”
(Ashley Wenner, Humble, Texas)

“Since I have been attending the school, I feel like I have direction in my life now…”
(Chad Baker, Tomball, Texas)

“The things I have learned have truly opened my mind to a world of new ideas that I can now do…”
(Charles Darek Ryan, Houston)

“I believe that I have not only learned about pastry but I have also learned more about myself. I have learned a lot of life’s lessons which have made me a stronger and a better person…”
(Amber Johnston, Clute)

“I have more comprehension of techniques for baking and piping. I feel very confident about my skills and becoming a Pastry Chef…”
(Kellie Martinez, Texas)

“I thought I knew a lot about desserts before I came here, having already attended a Culinary School. But since attending LeNotre for the pastry course, I realized I knew nothing. Now, I can say that I actually do know a lot about it, I’ve enjoyed everything we have learned and wish there was more…”
(Ashley Coates, Toronto Ontario, Canada)

“I have moved to Saint Charles, Missouri since my graduation and have started my own Personal Chef Business. I have catered many dining parties and I am having a wonderful time doing what I love! I really miss everyone at LeNotre and think of you often…”
(Molly Allen, St-Charles, Missouri)

“Chef is awesome! He pushes you to be all you can be and it’s great!”
(Grace Reutzel, Clute, Texas)

“Chef does a great job of making sure we understand the recipes and his explanations. He always lets us ask as many questions as necessary…”
(Kimberley Cates, Houston)



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