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December 30, 2008

Information About Cooking School Diploma

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The Culinary Institute in Houston, TX (  offers diploma and associate programs in the cooking industry.

Diploma programs consist of 30 weeks, 1125 Clock Hours (Morning class 8 am to 3pm), 38 hr/ week lab time, which are 90% hands-on.  Tuition, fees and supplies come to a total of $28,686.  Chef instructors have a minumum of 10 years chef experience.  The average class size is about 12 students/ instructor– so, cooking students are able to get the attention that they need to learn and succeed.  Students learn between 12-20 recipes a week (that means a student has the potential to learn roughly 600 recipes while obtaining their diploma).  In house scholarships are provided, no dishwashing performed by students, there is a free coffee, expresso bar and lounge, and there are internship positions available in France.

Plus, the diploma will help students climb their career ladder and earn more money faster.  The cooking school is also an accredited school, which does not make out-of-state students pay more for school.

The associate degree consists of 14 months, 108 credits, which also have a choice between day and evening classes.  Tuition comes to roughly $39,000.  Associate degree students are also offered a chance to go on a culinary voyage, which is included in the tuition.



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