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December 18, 2008

Cooking School Instructors

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The Culinary Institute in Houston, TX (, has 12 instructors from various locations of the world, who are eager to disperse their knowledge to their cooking school students.

Famous French chefs Alain and Marie LeNotre own the cooking school.  Alain is a certified chef in pastry, candy and ice-cream making.  30 years ago Alain created the Chef school Ecole LeNotre in Paris, France.  Alain also developed the LeNotre Pastry Shop franchise, where the franchise was later expanded to Japan, Germany and Brazil.  Later Alain and his wife came to Houston to start their own business there with a retail and wholesale bakery.  Later, Alain and Marie opened a cooking a baking school.  The Alain LeNotre bakeries and restaurants have now spread to Egypt, where there are six locations.

“Marie LeNotre, created the Culinary Endowment & Scholarship, a Texas non-for-profit organization that raises scholarship funds for underprivileged students who aspire to a culinary career.  Marie is also the President of the Houston Chapter Les Dames d’ Escoffier, a society of professional women of achievement in the food and beverage industry.” (

Alain and Marie LeNotre also have many talented chefs that accompany them in their teaching of the cooking school students.  For example, Chef Pierre Yves LeBihan, who has worked in various locations of the world including the United Kingdom, South East Asia and also the Carribean.

Also, French Chef Dominique Bocquier; who has worked at some of the finest locations in France as a pastry chef.  Dominique worked at Fauchon Relais Desserts etc., one of the best pastry shops in La Madeleine, Paris with “Pierre Hermé”.

There is also, Chef Kris Jakob, who has over 16 years of industry experience.  Kris received his certificate in Brussels, Belgium, for baking, advanced sauces and sous vide.  “Chef Jakob earned his certification for Certified Executive Chef from the American Culinary Federation at the young age of 29.” (

Chef Yves Piednoel, has a wide range of experience working in successful French resturants.  Chef Piednoel has also worked in many areas of the world, including the Carribean, Thailand and Japan.  Piednoel also had the opportunity to work at Le Domaine de Longvillier a Five Star hotel in France.

Chef Philippe Richard CEPC, has worked in various locations including  France, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Alabama.  At these locations, Chef Richard has gained experience working with some of the highest acclaimed French Chefs in the world.

Chef Sebastien Bonnet, CEPC is highly passionate about his art.  Bonnet graduated from Westminister College in London.  Sebastien started his culinary career in the United Kingdom then to Spain and then to Mexico.  Past experience also includes working at 5 star hotel and restaurant One-O-One and Chef de Cuisine at the 4 star Sheraton Skyline Hotel in London, England.

Chef Bertrand Goutelon, C.E.C. (Certified Executive Chef), has traveled all over the world to enhance his cooking skills.  Goutelon has worked in France, England, Bermuda, Luxembourg, and the U.S.A.  Bertrand has also worked with many master chefs for the past 13 years.

Mark Shim is Todai of Houston’s executive chef and owner.  Mark has lived in various parts of Asia and South America.  Mark has owned several sushi resturants.  Shim is a valuable asset to the Houston cooking school with his unique experience.

Rudolf Merlin has been to many places to develop his art in the cooking field.  Rudolf has been to places such as Spain, Italy, Australia, India and Africa.  Rudolf truly has a passion to develop students wholly. 

And finally, Chef Emmanuel Pose, CEC.  Chef Pose has over 22 years of experience in the cooking industry and has had experience working in 5 star hotels and in Paris, France.



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