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December 12, 2008

What I Learned about the Culinary Institute

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Just from browsing the Culinary Institute in Houston, TX website (, I learned several interesting things that I would like to share with my readers.

1- Famous French chefs Alan and Marie LeNotre are the primary instructors at this cooking school.  Alan and Marie used to own a successful French pastry chain in France.  Alan and Marie also have many connections with other well known and admired chefs.  This leads to students later being connected with these well-known cooking artists.

2- This cooking school offers a fast track system.  The diploma lasts 30 weeks, and the associates degree lasts 60 weeks.  It is usually 100 weeks in other cooking schools.

3- You learn a ton of recipes here– about 30 a week!  That’s a lot of recipes!

4-  Th Culinary Institute offers small classes.  There is a student teacher ratio of 12 to 1.

5- The programs are self-paced for busy working individuals like ourselves.

6-  90% hands-on instruction.  “Culinary Institute Alain & Marie LeNôtre has enough dishwashers to free its students from cleaning pots and pans in order for them to devote the maximum time to the hands-on learning.” ( )

7- International chef instructors are your instructors.  A plethora of food adventures!

8- 5 star meals are prepared daily for students

9- Upper level associates degree students are given the opportunity to go on a week-long culinary tour every year.

10- The Culinary Institute offers a post graduate ‘stage’ in France!

( )


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