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December 10, 2008

Culinary Tour for Cooking School in Houston, TX

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The Culinary Institute in Houston, TX (, is a cooking school offering a new way to learn. Associates degree students, who have reached level II can now go on a “culinary voyage” for a week, taking part in cooking class, food and wine tasting and travel.

This year’s culinary tour, consisted of cooking school’s Alan and Marie LeNotre, taking their students to San Francisco, Sonoma County and Napa Valley. The tour began in Houston, TX, where the culinary professionals boarded a plane for San Francisco. Later that night, the culinary tour began and students had a private tour and tasting at Domaine Carneros accompanied with a cooking course– “The Art of Sparkling Wine”. Afterwards, the cooking students checked in to the Flamingo Resort and Spa, located in Santa Rosa.

Next, the LeNotre’s took their students to Chloe’s French Cafe, also located in Santa Rosa. Here, students had a hands-on cooking class, “Pastries of Provence”. Instructors Marc and Alain Pisan from France now live, to teach others about the world of wine and French Cuisine.

Following the cooking class, the culinary students went for another tour and tasting at Michel-Schumberger Wines. Each of the wines from the vineyards show the French idea of terroir.

The following day, students had an opportunity to practice wine blending at the Ravenswood Winery. Instructor Peter Griffith showed students how to learn the flavor profile of wines once they are blended.

Next cooking school students had the opportunity to visit the Vella Cheese Factory. The Vella’s have been making cheese for over 70 years. Their cheese has won several awards over the years.

Following the Cheese factory, students had another opportunity to go on a wine tasting, and finally end their night with a 4 course meal offered by Thomas Keller.

Waking up the next morning, the Alan and Marie LeNotre took their cooking students to the Gourmet Mushrooms, Inc. where students had the chance to meet the first commerical grower of the shiitake mushroom. Finally ending the night with wine and cheese tasting and a meal prepared at Charlie Palmer’s Dry Creek Kitchen.

On the 6th day, culinary students had the chance to learn how to make olive oil and also go for a tasting. Here students also got to walk the olive orchards and gardens.

Finally, the last day, cooking school students went to the Left Bank Brasserie resturant to help with lunch and dinner. And finally ended their tour at the La Folie resturant in San Francisco, then returning to Houston the next morning.

At the Culinary Institute in Houston, TX, cooking school students are sure to get an adventure in the culinary arts.

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